Watch 50 Cent Suck The Funny Out Of These Jokes From “Spy” Movie

50 Cent Spy Movie

We haven’t graduated from comedy school or anything, but it’s a safe assumption that if you have to explain a joke, it really wasn’t that funny.  However, that hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox from getting 50 Cent to awkwardly explain the bits from their upcoming comedy, Spy, which stars Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy.

In “50 Cents of Humor” Mr. Jackson annotates several scenes from the flick and breaks down exactly why they are funny—supposedly.  Maybe the whole idea of 50 Cent explaining a joke is the joke?  Or maybe the joke is on us.

The sad part is that 50 Cent is pretty damn funny (remember this?) when he wants to be and Melissa McCarthy is doesn’t need help making us laugh. We’re just going to wait for season two of “Power” to come on.

NSFW (language)

“Spy” is in theaters June 5th. Watch the trailer below.

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