20 Lessons On Love & Life From Heavy D


Dwight “Heavy D” Myers would have been 48 years old today.  Before he left us all too so0n in November of 2011, the MC, producer and actor from Mt. Vernon NY (by way of Jamaica) left us with 9 albums worth of wisdom that we’d all do well to heed.  Here are some of his hidden gems on love and life we’ve held close.


20. “Now I can take my time but I’m speedy if it’s needy…” – “Love Sexy” (Blue Funk)
 19. “I don’t lick pigs feet, but I’ll lick Peg’s feet…” — “Spend a Little Time On Top” (Nuttin But Love)



18. “What about love? Love’s a possibility, but let’s make sure that we share the same mentality” “Is It Good To You” (Peaceful Journey)


17. “Don’t worry about the he say/she say, it’s all about what WE say, my immediate ingredient for a better day..” “Slow Down”  (Blue Funk)


16.  “I know your name, yes I do because your girls told me, I know where you live, wanna bet, because your girls showed me/BUT I parlay and stay out of your way figuring I won’t be ignorant and catch you the next day.” —“Got Me Waiting” (Nuttin But Love)


15. “Boy was I dumb, thought I was the one, bagging on her infront of friends just for the fun…”  “Something Going On” (Nuttin But Love)

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14. “Everybody shake your body, we don’t ill, we chill at a party…” — “We Got Our Own Thang” (Big Tyme)


13. “I’ve been doing this since way back, I’ve outlasted the way wack and I still managed to stay Black, yeah, you like that…” – “Keep It Goin” (Nuttin But Love)


12. “I know about the devil, but me and God is closer…” “Love Sexy” (Blue Funk)

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11. “Rip a mic like a razor blade/ Drink gatorade when I’m done flowing, that’s how I keep it going…” “Keep It Goin” (Nuttin But Love)


10. “I don’t have to swear, curse or juggle/ lyrics in a verse to make a party bubble…” “Don’t Curse” (Peaceful Journey)


9. “And speaking about the law, what are they for? To beat us with a stick face down on the floor? You preach and you preach that you want crime to stop, if you want crime to stop stop hiring crooked cops…” “Peaceful Journey”


8. “When you walkin the street, walk with street smarts/when you see a man down try to have a little heart…” “Peaceful Journey”


7. “You ain’t soft because you didn’t bust a shot, put the pistol down, throw up your hands, see what you got…” — “Letter To The Future” (Peaceful Journey)


 6. “Don’t clock anybody, let em all clock you, don’t be down with anyone, let them all be down with you…” “We Got Our Own Thang” (Big Tyme)


5. “You’re welcome any night to come on my stage, because divided we fall but together we get paid…” “Let it Flow” (Big Tyme)
4. “When I was in school I thought I was cool, I had a cigarette, then I found a cigarette was only good for smelly breath.” “Talk Is Cheap” (Blue Funk)


3. “Mostly on the down low, now and then I hit a disco, sport silk, drink milk, never Cisco…” “Blue Funk” (Blue Funk)


2. “Yes I drink Coke, but I’m not a coke sniffer…” “You Can’t See What I Can See” (Single)


1. “Although I may be high profile I keep a low pro style, stay calmly but my army’s kind of wild/“ “Blue Funk” (Blue Funk)
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Happy Birthday Hev!
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