A$AP Rocky & PacSun Pissed Off Americans This Weekend


Although A$AP Rocky made fans happy by releasing At. Long. Last. A$AP early, he still managed to piss off the rest of the country over the holiday weekend. Rocky teamed up with PacSun for a line of t-shirts that featured the American flag flipped upside down in black and white. After the store put the t-shirt on display, many Americans, especially military veterans, were outraged. The flag is only supposed to be flown this way to show signs of “dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property” according to the U.S. Flag code.

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Everyone on social media chimed in about their feelings about the shirt. Most people feel like the timing for the shirt was all wrong because of the deep meaning of Memorial Day. Other people thought that there were more important things to worry about than a t-shirt at PacSun. Check out the Internet’s mixed reactions below.

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