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Freddie Gibbs Is Giving Back To His Hometown In An Amazing Way

Freddie Gibbs always reps his hometown of Gary, Indiana (yeah he’s a Bulls fan, but he’s explained that already), so it’s no surprise he’s trying to bring some joy to schools in one of the roughest cities in the country.

Gibbs has set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations for basic school supplies in Gary, and he’s only asking for $3,000. He says he remembers being in school and being discouraged by the lack of resources available, so he wants to make sure kids today don’t feel the same way. People might criticize Gibbs for rapping about all the gangster shit he raps about, but when he bosses up in real life and takes some initiative in his own community, you have to commend him for it.

Watch Freddie’s short explanation for the GoFundMe page above, and then check it out below.

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