INTRODUCING: D.C’s DJ Young Music Has “Something For The Streets”


Words by Ali Early

It’s a little after one o’clock on a Wednesday, and while the DMV recently shoveled out of its last few inches of snow, DJ Young Music’s light has shone bright all winter long.

The second part of his day is just getting started, as he steps foot into the barber shop for a quick shape up before meeting his most immediate business obligations as the impresario of DYMG Entertainment. Among them include his newfound guest deejay spot at WPGC-FM Radio, the Should Could Dream Tour and the startling numbers he’s compiled with his mixtape, “Something For The Streets 2.

And to think, the first half of his day was spent in the classroom, where he is a graduating senior and honor roll student. Every bit the rising industry superstar, DJ Young Music – a triple threat deejay, songwriter and producer – learned invaluable principles early on that have served him well and put him in position to win.
“It’s not promising to get a career in music,” he offers. “It’s not like being a teacher. It’s not guaranteed. The music industry is big, but it’s small at the same time. If you don’t know somebody you’re not going to get in.”
It’s that thought process, that balance that gives him an edge over the competition, or lack thereof.
It’s a learned humility coupled with palatable bravado, which was instilled through tireless work ethic he won’t soon forget.

When most six year olds were mastering the art of ramp jumping on their BMX’s, DJ Young Music was taking notes from Grammy nominated producers such as Kevin “Khao” Cates (T.I., R. Kelly) , who shared with him the importance of learning beat counts. By 11, he’d become seasoned enough to earn a tour invite from R&B crooner Ginuwine, then was subsequently promoted from roadie to official tour deejay at 16. Now at the tender age of 18 years, DJ Young Music is among Washington DC’s most desirable assets.

Recognized as the Youngest artist ever to ink a worldwide music, film and soundtrack deal with eOne Distribution, his most immediate goal is “to become the next Diddy.” Appropriately, his penchant to deliver ear candy has become routine, particularly since fans got wind of “Something For The Streets Vol. 2.”

“I put that together because I wanted to offer the streets some new music and some variety from my perspective,” DJ Young Music says. “So basically, it gave everybody a new outlook for the music that’s coming out, because the music that’s on there wasn’t released for three or four months after that.”

The streets responded, downloading over 250,000 copies from a worldwide music platform that regularly services the hottest mixtapes in the universe. Beyond the stellar mix that finds artists from coast to coast blended as if they shared the same studio, DJ Young Music’s own track, “Right Here” (Ft. Da-Rai & Frank Benz), offers a peak into his budding empire.

Next up for DJ Young Music, who was recently crowned “Live Nation/Scream Nation Mad DJ of the DMV,” is traveling to Hotlanta and taking part in an exclusive national competition, “The Ultimate Mad DJ” crown. Hosted by DJ Nabs of BOOM 102.9 Classic Hip Hop, the high energy throwback battle will showcase twelve semi-finalists from various parts of the country to compete among a circle of DJs at the hallowed Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on Friday, June 19. In addition to forthcoming individual efforts from DYMG label mates Frank Benz and Da-Rai, DYMG is set to deliver a collaboration next, fittingly entitled The Takeover. Slated for a summer release, the EP will boast six to seven original tracks and features from some of the industry’s most notable artists.

“I expect that to do millions of downloads and that’s what we’re focusing on next,” DJ Young Music shares with a confident smile. “We expect to have big songs and major features because that’s what we do at DYMG. We feel like there’s no point in producing something if it’s not Grade A.”

So says the honor roll student… Some things never change.


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