Jay Z Passed On “We Gonna Make It” + 4 More Facts We Learned From Alchemist’s Podcast With ItsTheReal


ItsTheReal is Jeff and Eric Rosenthal, a pair of brothers who’ve been doing hilarious hip-hop coverage  and skits for years now. This week they debuted their brand new podcast “A Waste Of Time” where they talk with rappers and producers about a lot of random, funny, and informative shit.

For their first episode, they talk with none other than Alchemist, who just dropped a brand new instrumental project called Israeli Salad with, as you can ascertain, all Israeli samples. Alc talks about the history of Jada’s “We Gonna Make It” beat, what life is like touring with Eminem, reuniting with his old Whooliganz partner Scott Caan, and a whole lot more. Here are five things we took from this ill ass podcast.

1. Alchemist told a story about Prodigy’s son meeting Pusha T.

Al told a story about DJing a Crooks & Castles party in Vegas while P was in jail. P’s son was with him and Pusha T was at the party, so when the (drunk) Clipse rapper saw Prodigy’s son, he told the kid he used to get money to Prodigy’s music. You can imagine Push and Malice pushing white, listening to Mobb Deep.

2. Jay Z passed on the “We Gonna Make It” beat.

The West Coast producer was at the Roc-A-Fella office visiting Biggs or Hip-Hop when he played Jay the “We Gonna Make It” beat. Hov said it was dope and just walked out of the studio.

3. Then Jay Z and Alchemist scheduled a studio session, but Hov never showed up.

Later, Alc was at the club where the whole Roc was in attendance, and when he said what’s up to Jay, Hov just goes, “Yo, when you gonna stop wasting them beats?” They decided they’d go to Baseline Studios after the club, and Alchemist jetted to his crib to pick up his drum machine, but when Al got to the studio, Jay never showed up. Beanie Sigel and Freeway did, though, resulting in this State Property classic:

4. Alchemist originally made “We Gonna Make It” for Nas.

Holy shit. Alc played it for Esco around the time of the 2000 QB’s Finest compilation and Nas apparently wanted it, but for whatever reason he didn’t record on it. Instead, Millennium Thug did, and while Alc is tight with that camp and all, he understandably wasn’t with that.

5. Jadakiss always told Alchemist you had to “rape the budget.”

This is a hilarious little nugget that seems so typical of Jada, who’s always been vehemently against the industry machine, perhaps to the detriment of his career. When Alc met Montega for the first time, Jada told him to squeeze the label for every dollar. Not bad advice, frankly.

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