Kendrick Brings Chi-Town Steppers To “Ellen” For Debut Of “These Walls” [VIDEO]


During a voicemail conversation on “Real” on Good Kid M.aa.d city, Kendrick’s mother asks him to make some music that she and his father can step to, since they’re from Chicago. Well it seems he made good on that request yet again (“Real” was my JAM) with the groovy “These Walls” from his hit To Pimp A Butterfly. K.Dot made a network debut of the libidinous yet cautionary tale on the “Ellen” show, complete with two steppers visually narrating the song.

As much as we love the flirtatious first half of the song we just want to know who he’s talking to in that last verse. Somebody in jail that “killed his homeboy” and is now sitting in a cell knowing that his baby mama “fuckin on a famous rapper.” Talk about twisting the knife.

Watch the performance of “These Walls” below.

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