A$AP Rocky Explains His Disrespectful Lyrics About Rita Ora [VIDEO]

By now, most of A$AP Rocky’s fans have heard him put Rita Ora on blast in his new track “Better Things” off of his second album At. Long. Last. A$AP.  After the bro code violation, Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez couldn’t let him leave without explaining his explicit bars about Rita Ora.

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“I say what I want,” Rocky replied. “I’m expressing a situation that happened. I feel bad that people keep talking about that. I didn’t think people would [focus on it] like that. I’mma be honest with you man, that’s a really old song. I was in a relationship when I made that song. I was referring to the trouble that girl caused me. So I’m being precise when I say she talks a lot. If no one in the world knows why I did that, she knows why.”

He also clarified the meaning behind his lines about Katy Perry in the same track. Rocky confirmed he didn’t smash the “Dark Horse” singer, but he did kiss a lesbian and liked it.

The Harlem emcee also discussed the making of his new tracks like “Fine Whine” featuring M.I.A. and Future, explained Joe Fox’s involvement on the album and how he discovered him in the streets of London after a late-night studio session. Watch the interview in full above.

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