Lil’ B’s 5 Most God-Like Moments


There are few emcees in this world with a mystique about them like Lil’ B. Based God has been relishing his role as the world’s favorite meme rapper, an enigmatic trickster who wears his heart on his sleeve while selling out concerts and speaking engagements across the country and dropping bits of holy scripture in mixtape form. He’s a world-class troll with a surprising amount of love for his fellow man – unless you play basketball, apparently.

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Houston Rockets baller James Harden felt the Based God’s wrath last night during the NBA Western Conference Finals game between the Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. The California rapper invoked the dreaded Based God’s Curse on Harden after he didn’t give Lil’ B props for the cooking dance; Harden suffered 13 turnovers last night, an NBA Playoffs record, with Lil’ B in attendance, and the memes have been relentless. Kevin Durant knows your pain all too well, Harden. If that wasn’t enough to prove Lil’ B’s godhood, then maybe these five moments will be enough to change your mind.

Mocking James Harden with the cooking dance during the Golden State/Houston game on Wednesday

Lil’ B actually showed up at the Western Conference Finals last night just to spite Harden, where he took pictures and videos with fans and officials and showed the whole world who cooks the best. There’s gotta be a lot of salt in that pan.

Lil’ B reminds NYC why he’s the best

During a sold out show at the Highline Ballroom back in 2011, Based God broke out into a rant about how he’s the best. Don’t try to step to this guy about shoes, songs, videos, pants, views, or anything else.

Lil’ B blessing/knighting fans in NYC

Later on in the set, Lil’ B took fan comments and even went out of his way to bless a particularly excited fan. All I know is Aj The Black Kid got one hell of a cosign that night.

“Look Like Jesus” music video

What could possibly be more godlike than declaring that you’re the Son of God? Other than being Based God…

Placing the original Based God’s Curse on Kevin Durant

Heading back to the moment that started it all, Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant was the first person to feel Lil’ B’s wrath when Durant called him “wack” on Twitter. Durant’s suffered a number of losses and injuries since the curse, and until Durant faces him in a one-on-one game, it’s not going away anytime soon.


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