8 Times Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Was Doing The Most

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is a showman unlike many in his generation. Whether we’re talking about his beginnings at the WWE, his still blossoming acting career, or his robust social media presence, it’s almost guaranteed that if The Rock is involved, it’s happening in style. The hulking Samoan’s acting career gained traction way back in 2001 in The Mummy Returns in a supporting role as The Scorpion King, and he’s only gone up from there, leading to his latest headlining gig as a California rescue pilot in San Andreas. 

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The Rock was always menacing in a sly way on WWE back in the day, but he’s also got a larger than life personality and everything he does just oozes high-energy positive vibes. To put it bluntly, Johnson puts a lot of time and effort into having fun and giving his fans the most every time, and here are eight moments scattered across social media, film, and TV that solidify his transition from The People’s Champ to The People’s Movie Star.


8. Officiating a fan’s wedding

Johnson’s got a tight relationship with online movie outlet Screen Junkies, especially reporter Nick Bundy.  It turns out that Johnson and Bundy are such good pals that The Rock surprised Bundy and registered as an ordained minister in order to marry him to his fiancé Dilara. The Rock’s out here giving “best man” a whole new meaning.

7. That time he chewed out Triple H and Billy Gunn on RAW

The Johnson family were all involved in wrestling somehow (his father is wrestler Rocky Johnson and his grandmother Lia Maivia was one of wrestling’s only female promoters at the time), so it makes sense that The Rock cut his teeth in cage matches while flaunting Greek robes by way of Rick James in spandex undies. This classic bit where he calls out Triple H and Billy Gunn is wrestler showboating as public spectacle 101, complete with threats of “laying the Smackdown on your candy-ass!” This verbal smack down was harsh enough.

6.Cheat weeks


The Rock even goes for broke when it comes to his food! Of course, the man’s impossible-looking body requires a crazy strict diet, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have a little hair of the dog every once in a while. From stacks of chocolate chip pancakes to a row of pizza pies and a big ol’ plate of peanut butter brownies ALL IN ONE DAY, The Rock’s cheat meals have become the thing of Instagram legend, sending foodies the world over into a spiral of groaning and even inspiring one fan to go ham in his own right.

5. Dancing the Taualuga with his grandmother

For his grandmother Lia Maivia’s 80th birthday, The Rock took part in the Taualuga, a celebratory dance in honor of a strong woman. He danced with his grandmother and shared the photo to Facebook while reminiscing about her after her passing. The Rock’s love for his family runs deep. Check out his impassioned Facebook post here.


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