8 Rap Murders That Are Still Unsolved


Words by Mr. Mecc

This month Twitter and Instagram seemed to come to a halt as fans and peers all paused to flood social media with messages, condolences and obituaries as they reminisced on the life and times of Lionel Pickens, better known to the music business as Chinx. The 31-year-old husband and father of three, was gunned down during a drive-by shooting on May 17th in Queens N.Y. leaving his friends stunned and his family devastated. While mourners shared stories and attempted to comfort each other, Instagram commentators couldn’t help but notice the heavy police presence at the funeral. Plenty would agree that the officer’s time would be better spent finding the cause behind the funeral and bringing the killer to justice.

Reports went out that three men were apprehended in relation to the shooting, but that story was debunked almost as quickly as it came up. But no one should be shocked, as Hip-Hop murders tend to by and large go unsolved, a trend that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.

8. Stretch
Real name: Randy Walker
August 21st 1968 – November 29th 1995


Rapper producer and close affiliate of the legendary Tupac, Stretch was a member of the Live Squad, a dynamic group out of Queens. He was killed after being chased and shot four times in the back in Queens Village after two men in a car pulled alongside his minivan and opened fire. Stretch was killed on the anniversary of Tupac’s infamous ambush in Quad studios. No arrests were made.
7. Tupac Shakur
June 16th 1971 – September 13th 1996


After attending a Mike Tyson fight on the Vegas strip, a reportedly late model Cadillac pulled up next to Shakur who was driving with Suge Knight. Once the window was rolled down an unknown assailant fired several shots striking Shakur in several areas, including the chest. Though speculation remains rampant, no arrest was ever made.

6. Notorious B.I.G.
Real name: Christopher Wallace
May 21st 1972 – March 9th 1997


After an industry party in Los Angeles California, Christopher Wallace was killed after an unknown assailant pulled up next to his SUV and fired into the drivers side striking him several times. Although suspects were named, including Suge Knight, David Mack and Amir Muhammad, almost eighteen years later, the murder is still unsolved.


5. Big L
Real name: Lamont Coleman
May 30th 1974 – February 15th 1999


After releasing a critically acclaimed album and rising through the Hip-Hop ranks, Big L was killed in his native Harlem after being shot nine times in the face and chest during a drive-by shooting. Gerard Woodley, a child hood friend, was actually arrested for the shooting, but then controversially released. No further arrests have been made.


4. Jam Master Jay
Real name: Jason Mizell
January 21st 1965 – October 30th 2002


The founding member of the legendary group Run DMC was shot and killed in a recording studio in Jamaica Queens, despite security cameras and another person being in the room who was only shot in the ankle. Ronald Washington was named as an accomplice in the murder but was never convicted and no new suspects were ever named.

3. Soulja Slim
Real name: James Tapp Jr.
September 9th 1977 – November 26th 2003

Soulja Slim

A star in the industry and a legend in his native of New Orleans, Soulja Slim was shot four times and killed on his mother’s front lawn. Police arrested Garelle Smith and even found a stolen police pistol with scratched off serial numbers during a search. Although the ballistics test matched the bullets that killed Soulja Slim to the gun, no witnesses would testify against him. Eventually, charges were dropped by the New Orleans district attorney’s office.

2. Mac Dre
Real name: Andre Hicks
July 5th 1970 – November 1st 2004


Founder and innovator of the Thizz movement and record label, Mac Dre was killed in Kansas City Missouri after unknown assailants driving in a stolen black Infinity began shooting at the white van Mac was in. He was pronounced dead at the scene. To date there have been no arrests made or suspects named in the case.

1. Stack Bundles
Real name: Rayquan Elliot


October 21st 1982 – June 11th 2007
Stack Bundles, an up and coming MC, beloved by his peers and respected as a member of Jim Jones team along with Max B, was on the road to superstardom. However, after a night out on the town, he was shot and killed as he entered his building by an unknown number of assailants. There have been no arrests.

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