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Lil Wayne Almost Sparks A Brawl At A “Stop The Violence” Charity Basketball Game [VIDEO]


Lil Wayne may have had good intentions by participating in a charity event that encouraged non-violence, but that all went to hell after he nearly incited a brawl on the court. Last night (May 31), Lil Wayne and his Young Money team played in a charity basketball game in St. Louis coordinated by promoter Loose Cannon Slim. Since Wayne and Slim acted as coaches for their respective teams, Wayne grew upset with one of the refs, who apparently made some bad calls.

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It seemed like Wayne had enough of the ref’s terrible calls when he angrily approached him. With his crew following closely behind, Wayne allegedly spit on the ref as he started running off into the crowd. The video doesn’t show any punches being thrown but, according to witnesses, the police were called to respond to an assault. Even with police on the scene, no arrests were made. Watch the video of the heated situation below.

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