6 Reasons Why You Should Remember Lil Durk’s Name

Within the past 24 hours, Lil Durk’s brief press run jumped from the Internet to the radio airwaves. Last night, the Chicago artist exchanged words with several fans during his Reddit AMA session. Although Durk was a man of very few words, he was able to reveal some unknown facts.

To follow that up, earlier this morning the OTF representer made his way to Power 105 to sit down with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God to plug his new album and discuss everything that’s been going on in his life, like straying away from his old ‘hood and getting his family out of Chicago. Since his debut album Remember My Name hit the shelves today,  here’s 6 things we learned about Lil Durk from the past 24 hours.

1. His debut album Remember My Name took three years to release due to all of his legal troubles.

Durk has been working on his first studio album since 2011. One night, cops pulled him over and discovered liquor and a weapon in his possession. After he was arrested, Durk was hit with a weapons charge and was sentenced to serve three months in Vandalia State Prison. In 2012, Durk ended up serving another 87 days in jail due to gun charges. After getting caught with weapons in 2013 and again last November, Durk gained more control over his wild life and finally released the album.

2. Durk has 10 songs recorded for his collaborative project with Chief Keef.

GL-O-TF who ready #june2nd

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Since clearing up his beef with Chief Keef, Durk has confirmed that both Chicago rappers have been in the studio. Another reddit user asked Durk how many songs he has in the stash for their joint project GLOTF. According to Durk, there are at least ten songs that will be on the album. 3. Durk didn’t want to raise his kids anywhere near Chicago.

3. Lil Durk knows he didn’t want to raise his kids in Chicago.

As a father of four, the 22-year-old Chicago emcee knew that he didn’t want his kids going through the trials and tribulations he went through while growing up in Englewood. In his Breakfast Club interview, Durk expanded on the comments he made to The Chicago Tribune about raising his kids in the hood and revealed that he even got his mother out of the dangerous city. “Just recently, a kid in Chicago got shot in the head and she was four-years-old,” Durk said. “She survived, but come on she four years old and getting shot in the head.” 

4. The deaths of his manager Chino Dolla and Chinx made him more careful of his surroundings.

Durk explained that he has shifted his focus away from the hood life, especially after losing so many people to gun violence over the past several years like his manager Chino Dolla and his late friend Chinx. When Envy asked him how he moves now-a-days, Durk said “It was an eye-opener that we should have been moving the right way anyways. We was just running around with our heads cut off and excited because of the fame, the money and the bitches. And we were making mistakes, so when stuff happened to Chino I was like ‘Aight we got to learn from this mistake and watch out what we doing.’ We were thinking that was just in Chicago. But then the thing happened with Chinx and it was like “Aight we really gotta pay attention.”

5. Lil Durk’s father, Dontay Banks, got his lifetime sentence reduced and will be out in a few years.

As a kid, Durk’s father, Dontay Banks, was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty for distributing crack-cocaine in South Side Chicago. According to references made in his song “Dis Ain’t What You Want,” his father’s affiliates only got months behind bars while Banks was hit with a lifetime sentence. During his Breakfast club interview, Durk revealed that because of the new change in Chicago laws about lifetime imprisonment, his father would be released in a couple of years.

6. His favorite artist outside of hip-hop is… Katy Perry?

During his brief Reddit AMA, Durk was asked who his favorite artist was outside the hip-hop genre. He simply replied “Katy Perry.” This wasn’t a complete surprise to his loyal Twitter followers since he tweeted his love for the “Dark Horse” singer last year. Will there be a Katy Perry and Lil Durk collaboration in the future? I hope not.

Watch Lil Durk on the Breakfast Club above.

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