Freddie Gibbs Wants You To Smoke His Personal Weed Strain [VIDEO]

Freddie Gibbs went to California with gifts for Snoop Dogg. During his latest installment of GGN, the Gary, Indiana rapper briefly touched on his most recent projects like his joint LP with Madlib Piñata and his album ESGN. Uncle Snoop and Gibbs also discussed Gibbs’ interest in blaxploitation films like The Black Seasons, which is the movie that inspired Gibbs’ stage name. Throughout the interview, Gibbs presented Snoop with gifts like a vinyl version of Piñata and a bottle of his own strain of weed.

“Freddie Kane is weed man,” Gibbs said as he sifted through the medicine bottle filled with the new strain. “Freddie Kane that’s me. That’s my alias.”

Snoop Dogg was in shock. After thinking the strain’s name “Freddie Kane” was an actual person, the BUSH rapper examined the bud in the light and called it “intergalactic.” As the blunts continued to go around, Snoop got Gibbs to talk about his time playing high school and college football as a wide receiver and his relationship with his father-in-law, former professional football player Eric Dickerson. Watch Gibbs on GGN above.

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