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Akon Launches Solar Academy To Bring Electricity To 600 Million People In Africa

Akon hasn’t released an album in seven years, but that doesn’t mean he’s been lounging around. In fact, he’s been using his success for something incredible: solar power in Africa.

Reuters reports that the Sengalese-American singer is launching the Akon Lighting Africa initiative with a Solar Academy to help provide the entire continent with electricity. The academy, located in Mali’s capital Bamako and set to open this summer, will seek to give African engineers and entrepreneurs the skills to develop solar power. It will also teach African residents how to install and maintain solar-powered electricity systems and micro-grids. European experts will supply necessary training equipment and technology.

According to the organization, Africa sees 320 days of sunshine per year, so harnessing that energy into solar power could produce huge results for those without any electricity.

Watch the informative video above to learn more about Akon Lighting Africa.

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