James Harden Might Contract Lil B’s Based God Curse Because Of This Tweet


James Harden may be the next NBA star to be cursed by Lil B. Harden has been accused of jocking Lil B’s infamous “cooking dance” and not giving him credit for it. Recently, TMZ caught up with Harden and asked him how he felt about the Based God curse. After playing dumb about not knowing the details of the situation, Harden made the mistake of denying Lil B’s existence.

“I don’t even know who that is,” Harden quietly uttered under his breath.

Not long after TMZ posted their video, rapper Kreayshawn was one of several people who weren’t buying Harden’s comments about Lil B. The “Gucci, Gucci” artist channeled her inner troll and managed to dig up some incriminating tweets from Harden that he posted four years ago.

Thanks to Kreayshawn, the Based God caught wind of Harden’s ignorance. “Shouts out to @KREAYSHAWN @JHarden13 for uncovering facts about James Harden,” Lil B said on Twitter. “I may push for the curse for his lying.” The early stages of the curse has already affected Harden’s performance on the court. After he got caught slippin’, I mean sleeping, with an Instagram model earlier this week, the Houston Rockets shooting guard needs to take his now-public bro-code violation as a warning and issue some kind of an apology to B before the curse starts to settle in for good.

Watch Harden ignore the Based God’s existence below.

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