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Method Man To Star In VH1’s Hip-Hop Movie “The Breaks”


Method Man is set to star in VH1’s original hip-hop movie “The Breaks,” which is based on Dan Charnas’ well-known non-fiction book The Big Payback, which chronicles the history of the business of hip-hop. The movie will focus on a group of friends – Nikki (Afton Williamson), David (David Call) and DeeVee (Mack Tristan Wilds) – in 1990 who love hip-hop and follow their passion as it leads them to clubs, dance crews, and street corners.

Meth will play Darryl Van Puten, Sr., DeeVee’s (Wilds) grumpy father. He doesn’t think his son will ever make it in the hip-hop industry, so the role sounds perfect for the ever-animated Wu-Tang member.

Learn more about the film right here. If it’s anything like the book, expect a fun, informative look at a pivotal period for hip-hop culture.

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