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Ty Dolla Sign Spent $50,000 On An Orchestra For Free TC Instead Of A New Car

Ty Dolla Sign is getting ready to drop his debut album Free TC sometime this year (“while it’s still hot outside”), and in this quick talk with DJ Smallz he mentions what he spent to make this the best album possible.

The LP is named after his little brother, who Ty says is wrongfully incarcerated right now. In terms of the music, he says he spent $50,000 on live strings instead of a whip or a chain. The only features we know of right now seem to be Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, but there will definitely be more. They also touch on how the album was pushed back after its original June 2 release date.

Watch the quick interview above, and then watch him talking about working with Kanye below.

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