Beyonce Fans Roast Her Over Vegan Announcement [TWEETS]


Beyonce and the “Good Morning America” team made her fans late for work and school as they hovered around their TVs and smartphones to hear her new announcement. However, Queen Bey didn’t have a new tour or a new baby to tell us about–she wanted all of us to know that she is no longer eating animals. She’s vegan.

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You hear that? It’s the sound of a million iPhones getting thrown against the wall in disgust.

To make it even more Troll-tastic “GMA” hosted a BBQ in Times Square after the announcement:

Predictably, the people were not having it.

So was this Beyonce getting the final stamp in her iLLuminati passbook? Did Hot97 slip her a check to distract us from the Summer Jam f*ckery? Or has she simply been listening to more KRS-One than we realize?
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