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DeNaun Porter Turns A Lens On Human Hate In “God Laughs” Video

Mr. Porter premiered the video for his song “God Laughs” today on The track from his latest EP, Stuff In My Backpack, is built around a melancholy instrumental from his Porter Chops Glasper instrumental project.

“I think a lot and that is a question I’ve asked since I was a kid,” Porter told WatchLOUD.Com in our interview. “There has to be some humor in watching humans do the things we do. You watch us make these mistakes when there is a simple answer. God gotta have a sense of humor. He has to, and that whole song is about standing in front of Him one day and saying “Remember that time I fell down the stairs and I had that cake in my hand? You had to have laughed at that. Let’s look at the tape.” We are all laughing at each other and God is probably laughing at every one of us. Because we’re really not that smart. We think we are. We want to believe we are but if we were we wouldn’t be going through some of this shit.”

Watch the full video above.




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