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Watch Skyzoo Recording With Bilal In “Music For My Friends” Mini-Doc

A few days ago we named MC Skyzoo in a list of rappers we feel have a good ear for beats. Part of that was listening to his upcoming album, Music For My Friends, during a private session at producer illmimd’s studio in Brooklyn. In addition to running through the tracks produced by Jahlil Beats, Antman Wonder and the like, he also played this mini-documentary, offering a sneak peek into the recording process and the inspiration for the album—his Day-Ones from the ‘hood.

“I put a lot of time into this game. Some look at me as a youngin or a rookie while others look at me as a veteran, so it’s kind of a weird mixture of the two. I’ve met a lot of people iand come across a lot of friends and people who I thought were friends—it just came from that.”

Watch the full doc above to hear sneak peaks of his songs with Bilal, Black Thought and Jadakiss.

Tracklist is below:

1) All Day, Always

Produced by AntMan Wonder

2) Suicide Doors

Produced by MarcNfinit

3) The Moments That Matter (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Jahlil Beats, Co-Produced by AntMan Wonder

4) Luxury (feat. Westside Gunn)

Produced by Skyzoo

5) Everything’s For Sale

Produced by !llmind

6) See A Key (Ki’) (feat. Jadakiss)

Produced by Thelonious Martin

7) Money Makes Us Happy (feat. Black Thought & Bilal)

Produced by The Rvlt.

8) Playing Favorites (feat. Christon Gray)

Produced by !llmind

9) Meadow Of Trust (feat. Saba)

Produced by Black Metaphor

10) Women Who Can Cook

Produced by Thelonious Martin

11) Civilized Leisure (feat. MoZaic)

Produced by !llmind

12) The Experience

Produced by MarcNfinit

13 Asking Bodie For A Package (feat. Skarr Akbar)

Produced by !llmind

14) Things I Should’ve Told My Friends

Produced by Apollo Brown

15) Sweet Pursuit (feat. Kay Cola)

Produced by Seige Monstracity

*iTunes Bonus: Falling Out The Sky

Produced by Praise

*Vinyl/Cassette Bonus: Hands Folded Together (feat. Elzhi)

Produced by DJ Prince (Bonus Track)

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