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Snoop Dogg Is Getting Criticized For Calling A Camera Woman “Thick” On Air

Days ago, Snoop Dogg was visiting Nova Scotia, Canada and conducting an interview when he made an offhand comment about the camera woman being “thick.” Everyone seemed to laugh it off, but the moment seemed awkward, and later the camera woman appeared on television to talk about the incident.

“I felt very embarrassed, very belittled,” said the camera woman, named Stephanie Clattenburg. “There was a bit of a power play, I think. He wanted to embarrass me, and he did.”

When asked why she didn’t confront Snoop about his comments, Clattenburg responded, “What was I going to do? Put the camera down and say, ‘This interview is over, Mr. Snoop Dogg’? If I put the camera down every time someone said something misogynistic about a woman, I wouldn’t have a lot of footage. It happens so much.”

Watch her interview above, and then peep the original footage below. Do you think Snoop was in the wrong?

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