The Five Best Retchy P Songs You Need To Know

retchy porter

Last night, New Jersey rapper Retchy P announced the release date for his long-awaited Finesse The World project. It’s dropping on June 30, and we expect great things, as we’ve been following Retch for a minute now.

For those less familiar with the gravel-voiced MC, we put together a couple essential songs for you to get started with, and even fans of Retch may not know about tapes like The Chayce or Bitches & Bleeps. But a warning: his music might make you want to do and/or sell drugs.

Special Jim (Prod. by Thelonius Martin) [2013]

By far the best song Retch has ever released, “Special Jim” is about a kid performing his heart out at the Special Olympics. It’s heartfelt, and the details make it vivid. Most people don’t know the story behind how Retch came up with the song, but he told us in our exclusive interview.

Retchy P – Blockwork (Prod. by Crank) [2012]

People sleep on Retch’s 2012 mixtape Delinquents & Degenerates, and this song is one of many standouts on the tape. Retch’s runaway flow is wild here, showcasing how insanely deliberate yet facile he can be with a pen.

Da$h & Retchy P – “Arrowhead” (Prod. by Thelonius Martin) [2012]

It’s no wonder Retch and Thelonius Martin made a whole tape together, because Martin’s sample-slathered production works perfectly under Retch’s harsh Newport-tinged voice. The NJ rapper also has this subtle ability to be brutally unapologetic while still longing for something better in life.

Retch – Another Winter [2011]

Retch has a lot of strengths as an MC. One is his versatility, as he can adjust to turn up shit, breezy beats like this Smokey Robinson sample, or darker stuff like he’s been doing as of recent. He’s also clever as fuck; his earlier style packed more punchlines into each verse, making “Another Winter” a rewarding listen every time.

Retchy P – “Same Shit” (Feat. Manny Mugga) [2011]

This beat sounds like some Alchemist shit, so while we wait for Retch and Alc to make something together, this will have to do. It’s a terrific track from his 2011 tape Bitches & Bleeps, and it shows Retch has been nice since before he started popping.

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