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Mykki Blanco Admits To Being HIV Positive Since 2011

mykki blanco

Earlier tonight, Mykki Blanco abruptly posted the following to Facebook:


Mykki has been one of the most controversial (and, perhaps as a result, somewhat marginalized) rappers of recent years. She constantly blurs the line between genders, often dressing in drag for videos but never categorizing herself as a “queer rapper.”

The news is nonetheless shocking, if not for its impact on hip-hop and Mykki’s place within it, then certainly for Mykki’s fans. It’s terrible to hear that she’s been sick for four years, but it’s also amazing that Blanco finally had the courage to admit it to the world.

We’re proud of her bravery, and we hope everything is okay on her end. Earlier this year, she announced she was quitting rap to take on investigative journalism. We look forward to what she comes up with.

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