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Help Fund The New Geto Boys Album And You Could Go Barhopping With Bushwick Bill

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UPDATE: Rolling Stone talked to Willie D about the album and reunion. Here’s an excerpt of what the Geto Boy had to say about the group: “We fuckin’ hate each other, man,” he says. “It’s like, ‘Motherfucker, I don’t even wanna be onstage with you. Can we put up three stages, man? I’ll sing my verse, you sing your verse.'” He laughs. “The Geto Boys, man, we’re that family that can’t stand each other but love each other. That’s us. Family’s family, man: ‘I can’t stand that motherfucker, I wanna kill him.’ Yeah man, but you can’t do that do your family.”

After announcing a reunion tour weeks ago, the Geto Boys are now gearing up for some more crazy shit: specifically, a new album funded by Kickstarter.

The album is called Habeas Corpus and Willie, Face, and Bill want their fans to help make the LP happen. The payment tiers are exactly what a Geto Boys diehard would want: for $3,000 you can go barhopping with Bushwick Bill (“Everybody who has ever hung out with Bill has a wild story”) or play golf with Scarface. For $10,000 you can get your own customized Geto Boys casket. “You will also receive a custom embroidered Geto Boys autographed pillowed designed by Willie D, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill to lay your on so that you can rest in peace for all eternity.” Creepy….perfect.

Check out the page below to help support these rap legends.

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