5 Donalds We’d Rather See Run For President


Billionaire troll supreme Donald Trump is throwing his hat into the presidential candidate ring, but we’re taking bets that his hairpiece gets stuck to it. Mac Miller’s one-time muse announced in a press conference today that he would seek the Republican nomination in 2016. The reality TV figure has pump-faked five different times before in 1987, 1999, 2004, 2008 and 2011 but seems serious this go around.

While we think Trump has as much chance of getting the Republican nomination as Young Thug, we can think of five other Donalds we’d rather see run for president.

Donald Sutherland

Yes he plays the evil President Snow in “The Hunger Games” movie franchise but he sired Jack Bauer for crying out loud. We’ll even overlook the Canadian thing if it means keeping Trump off the ticket.

Donald Faison

What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Clueless than to become an out of touch politician? We’ll even spring for him to rock the Dr. Gravity suit from Kick-Ass 2 on the campaign trail to lock in the vigilante geek vote.

Donald Glover

Speaking of vigilante geeks, the man who would be Spider-man (or at least voiced him in the cartoon) will be looking to recalibrate his wholesome image after appearing in the upcoming Magic Mike XXL. His rapping alter ego Childish Gambino once spit: “So existential, my rhymes are quinessential/ I’m an educated black and that’s a fact. I’m presidential.” And any man that gets to lay in bed with Jhene Aiko and film it has leadership skills we value.


Lil Donald

Despite his inability to fact check his lyrics (Poseidon is the king of the water, not Zeus) we gotta give the kid credit for expunging Soulja Boys’ awful “Juice” record from our collective memories.

Donald Duck

At least when we can’t understand what Donald Duck is saying it’s funny and any dude with a nephew named Huey is down for the cause.


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