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Snoop Dogg Smoked His First Blunt When He Met Tupac

The latest edition of Snoop’s genius GGN features Michael Rapaport, avowed hip-hop fan and maker of the Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life. His appearance is well-timed, because since today is Pac’s birthday, Rapaport tells the story of meeting Snoop for the first time – the same night Snoop met Pac.

Apparently Pac started freestyling when he met Snoop and it became some sort of battle. But after that, Snoop went out back with Pac and Laylaw of Above The Law and smoked the first blunt of his life. He was tight with Pac after that.

Snoop also talks about seeing Ice Cube at the Poetic Justice party, but not talking to him because Snoop was rolling with Dre after the N.W.A. split. Watch them talk through the whole incredible tale above.

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