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Troy Ave Owns Being Average + 4 More Hilarious Moments In His Breakfast Club Interview

Last week the world laughed at Troy Ave’s album sales as his Major Without A Deal sold less than 4,500 copies in its first week. The low sales were apparently due to a mismanaged album release, not a complete lack of fans, and today Troy Ave showed up on Breakfast Club to basically defend himself. You can watch the whole interview above, but here are the funniest parts.

Troy Ave owns his nickname “Troy Average.”


When Charlamagne informs Troy of his popular nickname, Troy flips it and says he wrote a song about the epithet. Needless to say, it’s unfortunate to hear him have to justify being called Troy Average.

Troy mentions his name in the same breath as Malcolm X and MLK.


“Not comparing myself to Malcolm or Martin, but they tore them down,” points out Troy before Charlamagne says he has compared himself to Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan in the past as well. To which the MC replies with a grin: “Shit, you better compare yourself to the greats if you want to be great.” Amen.

Sales have spiked in Adidas soccer jerseys since they did a deal with Troy Ave.


Really? Troy says Jon Wexler, director of marketing at Adidas, told him the company’s seen a spike in soccer jersey sales since they did a deal with Troy Ave. Color us surprised.

Troy snitches on himself for selling coke.


This is a direct quote from the rapper who restored the feeling in New York when asked about his relationship with Manolo Rose, the guy whose “All About The Money” record Troy effectively stole and made his own: “I know them and they team from selling them cocaine. It’s not allegedly, it’s a fact. I’m the dealer, they the user.”

He also says when he sees Manolo Rose, he’ll “probably give him a wedgie or slap him.” Doesn’t sound weird at all.

He goes on to give a muddled explanation for repurposing Manolo Rose’s “All About The Money.”

Anyone who hears the original and then the Troy Ave version knows he jacked lines from Manolo, but here he says he didn’t? Easily the most confusing part of a VERY CONFUSING interview.

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