How To Get Free Toys (And More) On Reddit

Mike Tyson Optimus Prime

Remember those awkward heated moments running through a department store looking for something to grab the Secret Santa that your family stuck you with? Especially when that Secret Santa turns out to be *super* picky? While those days are still here for most of us, Reddit, the Internet’s bulletin board, has devised a way to make the art of gift-giving a breeze.

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Back in May, I stumbled across redditgifts, a theme-based present-swapping program, after I had found my way off of r/WTF? The theme for this past month was Warner Bros. Animation, and sure enough, Snoo (reddit’s alien mascot), wearing a Marvin The Martian costume, was standing on top of the link.

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When you sign up, either with your reddit account info or just your email and name, you’re entered into the pool of gift-givers, and once the session starts at the beginning of any given month, you’re randomly paired with another person, whose interests, preferences, reddit handle and home address will be sent to you. The theme is different every month, and they range from Disney, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros., to Pints and Shot Glasses, Cookbooks, Bookmarks, even Wet Shaving. You never know what you’re gonna get (and give) from month to month.

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Using my new buddy’s interests in Animaniacs and the Michigan Frog, I surfed Amazon for the dopest Warner Bros. merch I could find. I settled on a DVD copy of the Animaniacs movie Wakko’s Wish and a Michigan Frog plush. Once you purchase the gift(s) and ship them to your match, you let reddit know that the gift has shipped and wait for your match to freak out over their free goodies.

My interests were a little more scattered than most:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.55.10 AM

My match, a guy named Ronaldo Nunez, worked his way through my gibberish and sent me two amazing gifts: A Mike Tyson action figure from Mike Tyson Mysteries (which I spent all of last year’s New York Comic-Con looking for on the low) and a DVD copy of Space Jam: 




After you’re done wiling out over your gift (I’m still not), you can head back to the page and rate your experience, thank your Santa, and post pictures of you and your stuff for all to see. And even if you’re not into toys like I am, as long as a gift fits within the theme, you can get somebody anything you want. A Scooby-Doo New Era fitted? A DVD copy of Osmosis Jones?  Bugs Bunny boxers? You be the judge.

If you have a little extra money on your person and are in a giving mood, I’d definitely recommend giving redditgifts a shot, especially if you’re looking to get a free pair of salt shakers.

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