Wu Founder Oliver “Power” Grant Says These Three MCs Are The Future Of The Clan


Oliver “Power” Grant, the man responsible for bringing together the Wu-Tang Clan and founder of Wu Wear clothing, is ready to embrace the next generation of the Wu. Grant found a new trio of emcees to carry on the teachings of Shaolin. The future includes the godson’s of Method Man and Raekwon, Kash and Chunky, along with New Jersey rapper Turnpike Ike. Staten Island natives Kash, 21, and Chunky, 23, have been around Wu-Tang since birth while Turnpike Ike, 30, was brought on by Power.

“Everybody from Wu-Tang, all ten members, saw me and Kash as babies,” Chunky tells WatchLOUD. “We were already born into it. So for them to find out we actually doing music now and embrace us is wild. We weren’t looking for no hand outs and it’s still no hand outs. We got to work for this.”

The trio recently released their first compilation mixtape Wutang Parental Advisory, Vol. 1. Kash, Chunky and Turnpike Ike throw down verses alongside original Wu members and affiliates like Cappadonna and Killa Sin. They were also able to enlist their childhood friend Mack Wilds for the remix to “Magic.” With Poppa Wu and the spirit of ODB hosting the project, it seems like they’ve got the full Wu cosign.  In the video below Popa Wu and MTV’s Rob Markman introduced the trio to a group of writers and fans at their private listening session.

“Wu-Tang Parental Advisory is a project I started,” Power reveals. “I actually started this project about two years ago around the time of the 20-year anniversary. I had the idea, just by watching what we were doing as Wu-Tang Clan and as a unit. That was the birth of the Wu-Tang Parental Advisory with my cats that I put together. I got Cruize, my engineer/producer, who’s been rocking with me for the past five years. Chunky and Kash are the little homies from my neighborhood, my friends’ sons. Ike came to us from my youth minister in New Jersey so we did some things to put Ike together with me. Him and Cruize ended up meeting and everything was cool from there.”

Power explained that his new mixtape series provides a similar platform to what the Wu had 20 years ago when they put out their debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Now that all nine remaining members (RIP ODB) have moved on with their solo careers, Power plans to keep the spirit of the Wu alive with Kash, Chunky, and Turnpike Ike. They’re just the beginning of what Power has in store to continue the legacy of the Wu.

“It’s for hip-hop coming from the Wu-Tang. It’s coming from the umbrella of the Wu-Tang. It’s the key that will keep the same thing going. It’ll give somebody else a chance, give somebody else a shot. Here’s the deal. That was my decoy. The tape we just put out? That’s a decoy. As a fan of hip-hop and as a fan myself of the Wu-Tang and the benefactor of the Wu-tang, I felt like they missed certain things. They didn’t give up. The reason for this mixtape, like I said, it’s a decoy. It’s a freebie. It’s really like an open letter because you got people complaining like “This shit ain’t street ain’t no more. They ain’t hard.” Yea, everybody grows and evolves. They don’t pay attention to those kind of things like that. But you do got to pay attention to the things that your fans, your people telling you what they want. Hip-hop has evolved.”

Wu-Tang Parental Advisory Vol. 2 is set to drop in the peak of the summer. Kash, Chunky, and Ike are all currently working on their own solo projects and plan to drop them within the coming year. With support from original Shaolin Warriors, the new generation of the Wu-Tang Clan will carry on the movement their predecessors began long ago. Listen to the mixtape below.

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