10 Father’s Day Gifts For The Hip-Hop Dad In Your Life


Words by Branden Peters

Mothers get way more props than dads do. It’s a fact. The props are so lopsided that greeting card companies are now making Father’s Day cards for single mothers. However, dads are important as well and we need to start recognizing them more. That can start this Sunday for Father’s Day. Don’t get your dad the same old wack gift. Instead buy him something that will impress him and let him know you care.

Check out these 10 gifts that are perfect for the hip-hop dad in your life.


Bevel Shaving kit


If you’ve listened to any podcast remotely related to hip-hop then you’ve probably heard an advertisement for Bevel. The shaving system is “the first and only end-to-end shaving system specifically designed to reduce and prevent razor bumps and irritation.” In laymen’s terms it is the only shaving kit specifically designed for men with curly hair. If pops is still using magic shave or cheap razors, cop this and if he resists, tell him Nas is an investor in the company. It gets no more hip-hop than that.





Xavier Payne is a dope illustrator/designer/artist out of Nashville, TN who made his name by creating characters and reinterpreting them into a sub-genre he calls “black-pop.” Many became aware of Payne’s work through his Martin, Outkast and “Summertime” tees. Payne has since moved on to prints. His fairly inexpensive artwork runs the gamut from Spike Lee flick inspired illustrations to Aaliyah to UGK.



Music Streaming Service


Give your dad the gift of music without breaking the bank, via one of the popular steaming services. Choose from Apple Music (launching 6/30), Jay Z’s Tidal or the OG platform Spotify. Each service has its perks but all three provide access to millions of songs, including the old school hip-hop your dad probably grew up on.

Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99 per month


Samsung Galaxy S6


Right now the various iterations of Samsung’s flagship phone is the best smartphone on the market. The vivid display, top-notch camera, cutting edge design, speedy processor and endless list of features make it ideal for the tech savvy dad. The hardest part of choosing an S6 is picking between the original, Edge and Active. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the three.



Soda and Pop

Sprite lyric cans

Sprite has been down with hip-hop since marketing genius Darryl Cobbin put together the popular Obey Your Thirst campaign in the 1990’s. They’ve upped the ante in 2015 with the Obey Your Verse commercials and special cans marked with famous lyrics from Nas, Drake and more. However, we don’t advise that you get your father a can of soda for Father’s Day. This is something you can get him to go along with the real gift. (Though if you find one of those Coke cans with his name that would be cool, too.)


Hebru Brantley Gear


Chicago native Hebru Brantley has sold paintings to a who’s who including Jay Z and Beyonce, Swizz Beatz and Carmelo Anthony. Now you may not be able to afford Brantley’s original work or his prints but the next big thing in the art world is all about business so he has created a line of gear for fans of his work. The artistic type of dad will dig clothing based on Brantley’s original work, while the typical father will dig his take on pop culture.



PUNK by SOL Republic


SOL Republic’s little speaker packs a big punch for its size. The square sound system is also inexpensive compared to its competitors. PUNK Features an 8-hour battery life and water/dust/shock resistant casing so it can go just about anywhere. Pair this with the music steaming service and the Galaxy S6 and you’ve hit the Father’s Day gift trifecta.



Lord Willin’ Boxset


Before Pusha hooked up with Ye and Malice dedicated his life to God, the brothers from VA created one of the dopest debuts (well technically sophomore album) of the 90’s. Boston-based Get On Down has reissued a plethora of classic hip-hop albums with creative twists and they’ve given the Clipse Lord Willin’ the same treatment. The classic album is now available in a 7” box set. The entire album is included across seven 45s, housed in a translucent slipcase. This is an ideal gift for the dad that loved—or still loves that real street rap.



Air Jordan 7 Champagne and Cigar Pack


Now this is a gift you’ll probably want to keep for yourself but dad will appreciate it even more because he was actually around when MJ won a championship in them in 1992. The new colorways of the iconic sneaker will be highly sought after when they drop on June 20th, so be prepared to stand in line or be quick on the refresh button if you want to get dad a very special gift.

$250 per pair


Diary of a Madman: The Geto Boys, Life, Death, and the Roots of Southern Rap

Scarface has given fans his life in music for decades. Now he’s teamed up with noted music journalist Benjamin Meadows-Ingram to put his life to paper with his first autobiography. The book not only chronicles Face’s history in music from the Geto Boys to solo success, but also his struggles with mental health. This will definitely take pops down memory lane.



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