A Playlist Of Every Song Virginia Rapper DP Has Released So Far

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*UPDATE: Here’s Designer Casket! Listen below.

Every couple years, there comes a rapper who demands your complete attention every time they grace a track. Their songs are often scarce, making each one that much more valuable, and once I fall in love with their music, I make it my duty to hunt down everything they’ve put on the internet so far.

DP is one of those rappers. I knew he was special before I met him; in fact, I knew he was special after hearing only two songs – “Jabar” and “Glass Casket” – last year. But even though he said he would drop his long-awaited debut project Designer Casket before SXSW this year, we still haven’t gotten it.

So if you’re biting your nails for that tape as much as we are, you’re in luck. Below is a 13-song playlist of all the shit DP has released so far, including two “unreleased” songs that make the case for emptying the kid’s archives. He’s yet to spit a weak verse, but don’t take our word for it. Spin this playlist below (with production from guys like Caleb Stone, Brooklyn Taylor, Alchemist, Sir Yoga Flame, and Ducko McFli and features from D.R.A.M., Mass, $ha Hef, and others) while we wait for Designer Casket to drop.

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Update: DP just dropped a new song with D.R.A.M. called “For The Love Of” produced by Ducko McFli. Hear it below.

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