Georgia Anne Muldrow Takes Us Inside 5 Verses From “A Thoughtiverse Unmarred”


“I love the library. I love to draw. I love to create art, but I have kids so I have to do this. It’s the warrior’s life. The warrior doesn’t take a vacation in a time of war.” Georgia Anne Muldrow isn’t looking to compromise. She substitutes ignorance for integrity and emphasizes the importance of seeking the overall truth on A Thoughtiverse Unmarred, her first official solo rap release. Many may recognize the songstress’ voice from earlier work with the likes of rap heavyweights such as Mos Def (“Roses”). Since then she’s released several projects and has started her own record label SomeOthaShip Connect with her partner and husband Dudley “Declaime” Perkins, keeping the power in her hands.


WatchLOUD caught up with Mrs. Muldrow to discuss some of the bars from A Thoughtiverse Unmarred in our latest edition of “Verse Behavior” and she spoke on a lot of things going on with her past and present. Listen closely.


Atlas Shrugged, threw the world on her shoulders.
State of mind childlike even though her soul was older.
Looked up at the stars, wondered why she felt homesick,
Channeled counsel to the elders once they took notice of it.
Irony of subject though she channeled, didn’t know a bit.
‘Fore she knew it, lurking in the shadows on some colder shit.
Strangers now can name her in a role that ain’t ‘spose to fit.

There’s power in a person being able to showcase the humanity in their mistakes. All of the time people be like she’s this esoteric. It’s easy to be like I was born here and I was always deep. I really wanted to show that I’ve been through some stuff. All of that stuff was a true story. That wasn’t no figment of imagination. You can ask the people that seen me grow up.

When I was a kid people used to ask me questions that were way beyond my age range. I would counsel people like my godmothers and stuff. I had older friends. I was 15 having friends that were 35. Even as a songwriter, I had songs that were so deep and advanced past my age range. The important part that I was trying to express was that this message was coming through, but I didn’t have the true wisdom or knowledge of that message. I had awareness of it because it was coming from God, but I wasn’t grounded in it. The only way I could ground myself with the information that was coming through was to go through some experiences that really brought shame and guilt when you compromise yourself and make those mistakes that society really frowns upon. Those kind of things are what brought me into this knowledge for real. What it means and what it takes to grow and all these kinds of stuff.

There was also a lotus metaphor. That’s me saying people say that lotus metaphor and they don’t really acknowledge the mud part. The flower is beautiful, but I really want to get into the growing environment of that flower. That’s why I put it out there, because the truth sets your free. Because you know your truth and you know who you are and it frees you from regret and all of these things, because I was very suicidal. I did that because there are people who feel like that today and I want them to not die. I want them to strive and to know that everyday is a new day. It’s a new page where you can start to do things completely different from living inspired. There’s so many resources in this creation, like the sunlight. It’s just that you have to pay attention to it. Instead of the self destructive ego. It’s like getting over your ego. That was just an ego busting exercise.

All that part about the 51/50 really happened. I didn’t have to stay no where for a long time, but I went through that experience and it was very traumatic.

Another thing I wanted to talk about was how much you can hold in the pain until it starts busting out. You have to deal with the pain or it’s going to explode out of you. That’s the underlying point of the story. Deal with the pain as it comes and don’t hold it in and be living your life to do everything to cover up the pain. The alcoholism and all of that came from trying to numb the pain and it didn’t work. So it’s really about that – just rising up. I feel like it’s a success story. It’s easy to say I’ve always been successful, I’ve never took an L. In rap that’s a big thing – being impenetrable, flawless personality – and I don’t really subscribe to that mindset. I like the blues too much. I like when people talk about themselves. I like when people sing in church and they get down into the gritty of what they done did. I feel like that’s what black artists are for. A way to cleanse our mind and our spirit.

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