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Stream Vince Staples’ New Album Summertime ’06

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UPDATE: Ghostface Killah just dropped a joint off his upcoming album featuring Vince too:

Vince Staples is dropping his major label debut LP Summertime ’06 next week, but you can listen to it right now via NPR. The double-disc album is almost entirely produced by No I.D. with help from DJ Dahi, Clams Casino, Brian Kidd, and others. What we’ve heard sounds like his music has taken a sonic leap in the right direction.

Listen to the album and peep the credits below.

  1. Ramona Park Legend, Pt. 1 [produced by No I.D.] [0:36]
  2. Lift Me Up [produced by No I.D. and DJ Dahi][4:31]
  3. Norf Norf [produced by Clams Casino] [3:03]
  4. Birds and Bees (ft. Daley) [produced by DJ Dahi] [2:41]
  5. Loca [produced by No I.D.] [2:41]
  6. Lemme Know (ft. Jhene Aiko, and DJ Dahi)[produced by DJ Dahi, No I.D., and Brian Kidd][3:41]
  7. Dopeman (ft. Joey Fatts, and Kilo Kish) [produced by No I.D.] [1:53]
  8. Jump off the Roof (ft. Snoh Aalegra)[produced by No I.D.] [3:44]
  9. Señorita[produced by Christian Rich][3:07]
  10. Summertime [produced by Clams Casino][4:19]

Disc 2:

  1. Ramona Park Legend, Pt. 2 [produced by No I.D.] [1:27]
  2. 3230 [produced by No I.D.] [2:52]
  3. Surf (ft. Kilo Kish) [produced by Clams Casino] [2:31]
  4. Might Be Wrong (ft. Haneef Talib aka GeNNo) [produced by No I.D.] [3:59] 5. 5. Get Paid (ft. Desi Mo) [produced by No I.D.] [3:12]     6. Street Punks [produced by No I.D.] [3:06]
  5. Hang N’ Bang (ft. A$ton Matthews)[produced by No I.D.] [2:06]
  6. C.N.B. [produced by No I.D., DJ Dahi, Kevin Randolph, and Brian Kidd] [4:13]
  7. Like It Is [produced by No I.D., DJ Dahi, and Brian Kidd] [4:36]
  8. ’06 [produced by No I.D.] [0:47]

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