Selma Director Tweets Response To Black Panther Movie Rumors


Ever since Marvel Studios confirmed that a long-overdue film based on Black Panther was being released, fans of Ava DuVernay have been praying over their DVD collections hoping that the Selma director would go from telling one King’s story to another.

Yesterday it appeared that those prayers had been answered when website MCUExchange reported that DuVernay had been officially tapped by Marvel to direct Chadwick Boseman in the film. WatchLOUD and many other outlets reached out to her publicist for confirmation but nothing has been disclosed by Marvel or DuVernay’s camp.

However, last night DuVernay fired off a cagey tweet about the “scoop.” Had a fab cup of ChocHazelnut Pinkberry tonight. That’s the biggest scoop I can share. But thanx for the AVALANCHE of good vibes! Very cool.

It should be noted that Ava was a top-notch publicist before going into film so she knows how these things work. The tweet was neither a denial or confirmation and will keep the fans chatting. If she is in negotiations with Marvel this outpouring of support and interest can only help her cause, but we’ll wait until we hear from her or Marvel to pop our champagne.

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