Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” Was Elevator Music

In the next installment of’s “Magnum Opus” series they speak with DJ Premier, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Big Shug, Lil Dap, Stretch Armstrong and many more to talk about Gang Starr’s “Mass Appeal” from 1994’s classic Hard To Earn.

Among the many revelations, DJ Premier says that the inspiration for the beat–which uses a quote from Da Youngstas for the hook– came from a rather unusual place.

“I said you know what, it needs to sound like when you get on the elevator and you hear ‘dink-dink-dee-dee-dink.’ That’s what I was saying it had to sound like because I could kind of pre-hear stuff in my head.”

Watch the full interview above and the video for “Mass Appeal” below.


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