Courtney Love Calls Out To Yeezus During Paris Uber Riots


Paris is currently experiencing its own protests and riots as the city is being torn apart by local cab drivers who are rioting against ultra-convenient transportation network Uber, and celebrities the likes of Courtney Love and Kanye West are being caught in the firestorm.

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French cabbies are currently overturning cars and getting aggressively violent, which Courtney Love, her entourage, and her Uber driver all experienced firsthand earlier today (June 25):

The situation got so bad, that Love sent out a distress tweet to Kanye West after they paid bikers to drive them:

But not before they were pelted with rocks while police didn’t respond:

If any situation calls for an arm reach to Yeezus, you know it must be bad. West himself made it to the Louis Vutton menswear show in Paris, and apparently missed the riots that Love and her clique were caught up in:

Everyone in Paris, stay safe and know the difference between a “protest” and a “riot”.

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