Writer Demonstrates #HeightPrivilege At 2015 NBA Draft


Connor Toole, a 6′ 10″ writer for Elite Daily, got more out of the 2015 NBA draft than most actual players —and Knicks fans.  Toole walked into Barclays Center wearing a suit and had no trouble getting onto the floor of the NBA draft because #heightprivilege is real.

“It turns out if you wear a suit, act really confident and are also 7 feet tall, it’s really easy,” he says in the video of his social experiment. Toole took the stunt to the limit after the event convincing people that he’d been drafted by the Utah Jazz and went partying in NYC to celebrate. We don’t know if he can hoop, but his off-court NBA game is All-Star level.

He was a leader in the huddle orchestrating group selfies with ease…




He made all of his free shots…


Handled the 2-on-1 in the fast break…



Even dished out an assist getting this woman to flash a boob…



And scored in overtime…



He’s already an NBA legend in our book…#salute
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