The Definitive Ranking Of Meek Mill’s Intros


Meek Mill’s long-awaited second album Dreams Worth More Than Money and CRWN are right around the corner, meaning that it’s officially #MeekSeason.

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The Philadelphia MC is known for his crazy loud voice and the intros that start off all of his mixtapes and albums, so we’ve compiled every introductory track across his discography, including the intro to Dreams and Nightmares that put Drake in traction. Hit the jump for the list.

Flamers 2

Mostly static-y talking and a few words. SKIP!

Flamers 3

A quick Philly shout-out. Nice for Philly, 23 seconds of filler for the rest of us.

Dreamchasers 3

The energy’s here and Meek/Travis/Diddy give it their all, but there’s something missing here…


Take the intro to Flamers 3 and add a decent beat, and you’ve got the best intro in the Flamers group.

The Real Me (“Niggaz Know”)

A little on the generic side, but boy does it THUMP.

Mr. Philadelphia

A more expanded love letter to Philly and his team.

Dreamchasers 2

You can’t argue with an intro that samples Mike Tyson’s frenzied post-match interview where he claims he’s the best ever.


I’m a sucker for “O Fortuna” in any context, and the sample of it with those thumping drums with Meek rhyming is SICK.

Dreams and Nightmares

The orchestral sounds and epic scale of the track make it unbeatable as far as his intros are concerned. Just ask Drake.

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