Terminators & 8 Other Movie Inventions Made Real


Ever since Georges Melies first took moviegoers on a trip to the moon back in 1902, the ability to take us to worlds that we’ve only dreamed of has been one of cinema’s trademarks. Our demand for more spectacle has given way to some crazy movie inventions over the years; we’ve all got one we’d love to see, from time travel and hover cars to lightsabers and jetpacks and everything in between (I’m looking at you, instant microwave from Spy Kids).

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This week, the latest Terminator flick, Genisys, is turning a dream already fulfilled (software linking electronic devices through the magic of the Internet) into a nightmare that starts Judgement Day. Science fiction and real life run at a strange parallel when it comes to technological innovations, but here are some of our favorite sci-fi movie inventions that have transitioned IRL somehow.

8. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality

Living out dreams (or planting false memories) by any means necessary resulted in the idea of virtual reality, a field that movies have been mining for a long time. From the Virtual Boy to Viewmasters, we’ve been trying to catch up to services like Recall in our daily lives, and we may have taken a meaningful step with the advent of the Oculus Rift headset. This gaming experience drops you right in the middle of the action and brings literal meaning to “first-person gameplay”. Games like Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, and others have been tested out and have gained some positive fan feedback.

7. Hoverboard


The only thing cooler than riding around on a skateboard is riding around on a skateboard with *no wheels*. Jetting around on a hoverboard doesn’t look like it’s gonna be relegated solely to Back To The Future Part II and our dreams anymore; not if Hendo Hoverboard has anything to say about it. Back in October of 2014, Hendo went to Kickstarter to fund their own project, which received over $500,000 and will be unveiling later this year. Conversely, Canadian daredevil Catalin Alexandru Duru went DIY with his homemade board that broke the Guinness World Record for farthest distance traveled on a hoverboard – over 900 feet. We’re in for an insane ride some time this year.

6. Everlasting Gobstopper (Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory)



Willy Wonka might’ve been on to something when he first introduced the hard candy you can suck on *forever* in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, but IRL, that would come across as a horrible business practice to some. Wonka Candy did get to releasing the Gobstopper, which changes colors and flavors, but won’t last longer than an episode of Run’s House. 


5. 3D Printer

replicator printer

This…has never been in a movie before, a rare example of life imitating movie art. The 3D printer is capable of creating 3D objects of any shape or size, depending on the kind of machine you’re using, and they’ve given birth to things from food(!) and car parts to prosthetic limbs to mini-models of yourself; even more controversial things like medication and guns can be printed from your home in the right conditions.

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