Five Rappers Who Need To Do Albums With Alchemist

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Alchemist is one of the most consistent rap producers of the past couple years. Just look at some of the stuff he’s put out: Covert Coup with Curren$y, No Idols with Domo Genesis, My 1st Chemistry Set with Boldy James, not to mention the numerous Gangrene projects he’s knocked out with Oh No and the multiple albums he’s done with Evidence. When you see Alchemist’s name on a song, you automatically click play.

So why not get a little greedy? He’s already put out one instrumental album this year (the fantastic Israeli Salad) and he’s got got another one, Retarded Alligator Beats, dropping July 10th, plus another new Gangrene album, so why not fantasize about other full-length collaboration projects he should do? If he’s got time, that is.

Vince Staples

Vince just dropped his debut major label LP Summertime ’06, but it seems like he’s already done with his next project. That shit better have some Alc beats, because Vince’s murky tone fits Alchemist’s dark chops with perfection. Peep how great he sounds on this cut with Boldy James above.

Freddie Gibbs

Years ago, Gibbs and Alchemist were supposed to drop a collab album called Devil’s Palace together. But when asked about it last year, Gibbs simply said you have to ask Alchemist about it now. That’s too bad, because it has potential to be better than Piñata. Yeah, we said it.


Retch and Alc have never released any music together (though Retch told us he’s recorded at Alchemist’s Rap Camp), but it’s not hard to imagine how well they’d sound together. Retch’s Polo Sporting Goods, produced by Thelonious Martin, had shades of Alc beats, and the NJ rapper’s twisted lyrics would sound right at home over the West Coast producer’s noir soundtracks.

Earl Sweatshirt

Remember when Earl dropped this random song with Alchemist out of the clear blue sky earlier this year? And it was lowkey better than a lot of your favorite rapper’s songs? Yeah…that’s why they should knock out a whole tape. It’s overdue, frankly. Lord knows they’ve worked together enough times.


Virginia rapper DP used to have a song produced by Alchemist, called “Pomade,” on his Soundcloud, but he took it down because apparently he doesn’t want the world to enjoy the incredible music he makes. But take our word for it – that song proves these two need to link up, because their styles mesh well together. Listening to the DP playlist we put together above, it’s easy to imagine him going over some crazy Alc beats.

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