Redman’s “Somebody Got Robbed” + 5 More Stickup Anthems

Redman offers up the first look at his upcoming album The Preload (what happened to Muddy Waters 2?). “Somebody Got Robbed” is a throwback to the days of when crime was more personal and didn’t involve stealing your credit card info.

I got robbed before, I can spot the tension/I scan spot the car riding low with tints in…

It got us thinking about some other Robin Hood anthems of days gone by.

Raekwon, “We Will Rob You”

The Chef, GZA , Slick Rick and Masta Killa gun-butt fools with glocks wearing minks and snakeskins. GZA and Rae dip and dodge the DTs after pulling a job, but we’re not sure Masta Killa got the memo though, because he spends his verse about theft of knowledge not actual jewels.

Gang Starr, “Just To Get A Rep”

On this single from Step In The Arena, the late Gifted Unlimited cautions listeners on the motivations and tactics of the neighborhood stickup kids.  “No matter if you or your brother is a star, he could pop you and jet without a getaway car.”

Mos Def, “Got”

Yasiin Bey spins several vignettes of what happens to those who like to “profile and front” when they are in unfamiliar surroundings and drives the point home when he says, “Now I like to have nice things just like you, but I’m from Brooklyn—certain shit you just don’t do.”  Acting invincible just ain’t sensible.

Biggie, “Gimme The Loot”

The Notorious B.I.G made everyone collectively gasp when he said “I don’t give a f*ck if you’re pregnant/ give up the baby rings and the ‘#1 mom pendant.’” It was so filthy it got censored on the dirty version of his debut album.

M.O.P.  “Ante Up” (Robin Hoodz Theory)

Billy Danze and Lil Fame give step-by-step instructions on how to liberate unsuspecting victims of their coveted jewels and throw in a kidnapping for good measure.

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