10 Life Lessons From Kevin Hart


Words by Mr. Mecc

Fall all those outside of Kevin Harts 20 million twitter followers, today is the comic king’s birthday. At the age of 36, the man has been on a box office tear, showing up on the silver screen more times than that roaring lion. The constant promo machine he is, it’s not easy to find the secrets to his success hidden amongst the What Now tour-talk, fitness tips and random fan retweets, but after some steady stalking, we were able to find some quotes that sum up the man himself quote nicely. Happy Birthday Mr. Hart! This one’s for you.

10) Well this one is simple. Do what you love for a living? You’ll never work a day in your life.

Doing what makes me Happy on My B Day!!!! WORKING DAMN IT….#HustleHart #HappyBDayToMe

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9) We’re all the same height lying down.

Late nights with my "Rib" …..

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8) To thine own self be true…

7) We all determine our own finish line.


6) Self-motivation is the best kind there is.


5) Birds of a feather, flock together.


4) Personal Hygiene… is super important.

3) There are levels to this shit…literally.


2) Still waters run deep.

1) Naps are essential…


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