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Rick Ross Is Having The Worst Year Ever

ross couch

Early Monday morning, shots were heard outside Twelve Music Group and U Digg Studios on Defoor Hills Road in Atlanta. It happened at around 4 a.m., and when the smoke cleared, bullets had hit luxury cars and studio windows. Two witnesses told police they heard what they thought were fireworks until they went outside and saw shattered glass everywhere.

There’s no indication that Rick Ross was involved, but earlier this year it was reported that he was looking to expand his Maybach Music Group in the Atlanta sector and open an office at U Digg studios. The door to said studio features a drawing of Ross with two shovels.

Ross is having a pretty tough year already. First he was caught with marijuana in his car on June 10, and then he was arrested for kidnapping and various assault charges two weeks later. You’ll recall Rozay crashing his whip in 2013 after getting shot at in Florida, too.

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