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Future Made His Hit Song “Magic” At 11 A.M. After Leaving The Strip Club

*UPDATE: You can now watch the entire GQ documentary Magic City in full below.

This Friday, GQ will be releasing a documentary called Magic City centered around the infamous Atlanta strip club of the same name, and above you can watch the trailer for the doc, featuring Future, DJ Esco, and other key players in the Atlanta music scene.

In the trailer, they talk to strippers, DJs, managers, and artists about what it is that makes the strip club such an incubator for potential hit songs. “If your record isn’t playing in Magic City, then its not hot in the streets,” says one volunteer. “The DJs and the dancers are more like A&Rs and we hear hits and we love to dance to them,” says dancer Diamond. “We know what we love to dance to and we know a hit when we hear it.”

As for Future, the importance of Magic City is everlasting. He says he made his hit song “Magic” from Pluto at 11 in the morning after coming home from Magic City.

“Future might be Mr. Magic City,” says Atlanta DJ Stuey Rock. “He’s the one artist I know, every other song in the strip club is a Future song.”

Watch the trailer above and listen to Future’s “Magic” below – the original version. This documentary looks dope.

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