Kehlani Calls Out Racist United Airlines Flight Attendant On Twitter


A United Airlines flight attendant allegedly hurled racial slurs at singer Kehlani and her dance crew yesterday, and Kehlani was none too happy about it.

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She took to Twitter immediately after being kicked off the flight, where she proceeded to tear United apart: “Fuck United Airlines you’re racist, you condone disrespectful flight attendants and racial slurs,” she noted. “ALL MY FOLLOWERS, TWEET FUCK @united THEY JUST KICKED ME AND MY DANCERS OFF FOR ASKING TO BE TALKED TO LIKE A HUMAN BEING…THEN LIED AND SAID I TRIED TO TRIP A FLIGHT ATTENDANT… YOUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT SAID NIGGER @united.”

Complex managed to grab the tweets before they were taken down, because Kehlani got rid of her Twitter shortly after, saying “From now on, I’ll just let my music speak.”

Looks like she’s cooling now, though.

flight delayed hey bew

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