17 Mind-Bending Jaden Smith Twitter Wisdoms


As far as celebrity children go, Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is one of a kind. He makes music, designs clothing, hangs out with du jour talking heads, and dresses however his heart desires, yea, but his esoteric musings on life, the universe, and everything are what make him a truly unique little snowflake.

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Some people find him and his equally ethereal sister Willow Smith confusing; others think they’re pretentious; and even more think they’re just plain stupid, but Jaden doesn’t seem to care. He occupies his own level of existence, and he’s got dime store philosophies and cryptic stream-of-consciousness messages to drop on Twitter whether we like them or not (spoiler: I do). Say what you will, but at least it’s all about peace and love on his end.

In honor of his birthday, here are some of the best Twitter wisdoms from Jaden Smith.





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