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Lil Wayne Gives Thanks To Young Thug

Yesterday Lil Wayne announced the Lil Weezyana Fest, scheduled for August 28 and set to feature the reunion of the Hot Boys. This, after dropping the Free Weezy Album on July 4th.

Now Lil Wayne has got a rare new interview out where he talks about making the 500 Degreez album, texting with Jay Z, and giving thanks to Young Thug. When asked whether the Barter 6 is a similar situation to what Wayne did to Juvie with 500 Degreez, Wayne disagreed.

“When we did it, we had no problems saying we don’t need no Juvie. [Young Thug] came out and straight said, ‘I’m naming my album such and such because of props and because I’m such a fan and that’s a total different approach,” said Wayne. “So if he says it’s from the heart and he say he some kind of fan, then I love ’em. Thanks bro. I appreciate everything about it if he’s a fan.”

The Young Thug portion starts around 17:00, but you can listen to the whole project above.

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