This Ex McDonald’s Mascot Takes His Job Very Seriously

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Costumed roles have a habit of staying with performers. That’s certainly the case with Joe Maggard, who still holds onto his persona as Ronald McDonald. British newspaper The Guardian got a chance to sit down with Maggard, who was the official licensed mascot for the company from 1995-2007, and how he’s living his life eight years later. “The clown’s ready to go. Like any superhero, he’s ready,” he remarked. “At a moment’s notice, Ronald can appear.”

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Maggard makes distinctions between himself and Ronald, who makes an appearance at a carnival near his home in Las Vegas – but the overall tone is more melancholy than it is straight-up happy; the downbeat rendition of Judy Collins’ “Send In The Clown” doesn’t do much to brighten things up, either. Maggard seems to be enjoying himself, but The Guardian’s painted a more complex and poignant picture than that. Think about this next time you’re eating a Big Mac.

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