The Five Best Percee P Freestyles

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Percee P is a name you don’t hear much anymore. His official debut album Perseverance came out on Stones Throw in 2007, a good 19 years after his first single “Let The Homicides Begin” dropped on Gotham City Records (when he was one-half of Top Priority with D-Nique), and his last official release was a compilation with Oh No in 2008. He’s been dropping guest features for artists like Dudley Perkins, Kid Tsu, and Namek in recent years, but besides that, he’s all but vanished.

Aside from a one-off deal with Big Beat for his “Now They Wanna See Me” single, Percee was never signed to a record label before Stones Throw, and he was known to sell tapes outside of Fat Beats in the late ’90s. Mind-boggling guest verses on songs with artists like Lord Finesse, Aesop Rock, and Jurassic 5 kept his buzz afloat throughout the years, but at his core he is a multi-syllabic monster, a rhyme kicker on the corner who never seems to get his fill of phonetic fun. One of his best known tracks is basically a long ass run-on sentence.

As today is his 47th birthday, we decided to highlight some of his best freestyles from throughout the years.

Live 1991 Freestyle (Feat. Lord Sear)

Few rappers live up to their own boasts, but when Percee says he’s unforgettable at the end of this quick classic, it’s because he just demonstrated why. Lord Sear’s superb beatboxing skills may me memorable, but whether it’s Percee lickin’ and stickin’ it like a post stamp or making a million like Rockefeller, his rhymes get lodged into your brain.

Lord Finesse vs. Percee P Battle (1989)

The infamous battle with Lord Finesse was the first time these two met in person, and they would go on not only to record a “rematch” but also songs like “Yes, You May” and “Kicking Flavor With My Man.”

Percee P & DMX On Stretch & Bobbito (1991)

In ’91 Percee P and DMX went on Stretch & Bobbito’s show for a freestyle session. X sounds a bit like Big Daddy Kane here, but Percee straight rips shit.

Percee P & Large Professer on Stretch & Bobbito 1990

The first time P was ever on Stretch and Bob’s show, however, was in 1990 with Large Professor, who he met at Pete Rock’s house. Above you can hear him spit his “Yes, You May” verse before it was officially released.

Below are some bonus freestyles you may not have heard. They’re bonuses because they mostly recycle Percee’s verses from officially released records:

Percee P & Fat Joe x Percee P & Eminem
Percee P over Frankenstein’s “Rain Is Gone” & MC Juice’s “Freestyle Or Written”
Guilty Simpson & Percee P
Prince Po, Mr. Complex & Percee P (Prod. by Mighty Mi)
Percee P Freestyle (Blowout)
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